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Why Bacs contingency planning is essential

  • How would you submit Direct Debit or Payment files to Bacs with a Server failure?
  • What would happen if your Smart Card expired, was lost or even stolen?
  • If you were unable to submit a Bacs file as you couldn’t gain access to your office, how would deal with the consequences?
  • Your colleague has spilt coffee on your smart card reader! How will you send your Payroll file to Bacs?

Many of these situations regularly occur to businesses and are unforeseeable and often unavoidable. With a Contingency plan in place, you and your business will be safeguarded against the consequences of missing payment or collection runs.

By Interbacs being a Bacs Approved Bureau we are able to take the stress of worrying about not being able to send a file. You would simply need to inform your account manager of the submission and then they would advise you from there. With customers submitting files to Bacs via software and Cloud-based platforms, Interbacs offer a number of contingency options, designed to match your business’s needs and budget.

Benefits of having Interbacs’ Contingency:

  • The ability to submit files to Bacs securely even if your card holder is unavailable
  • Interbacs can assist with submitting files from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Have peace of mind, knowing you won’t miss a vital payment or collection run
  • Access to expert knowledge and an experienced team
  • With a quick, easy, low cost set up, Interbacs Contingency can avoid administrative disruption, plus reputational and financial damage.

Speak to one of our sales consultants today by calling 08444 127 180 or emailing:, and they will figure out what you need to get set up and tailor a package to your budget and requirements.

About Interbacs Ltd

Interbacs was established by Bacs software developing experts and over the years have attracted further development talents, management expertise and banking expertise to join the team making us a great source of solutions and support for all your Bacs payments processing needs.

The team have over 25 years of experience in Bacs and business payment software delivery and we concentrate our efforts and skills towards delivering the highest quality results in payment and collection solutions.

Our friendly, professional and efficient processing team is always answering your phone calls with a smile and clients are consistently complimenting their professionalism and supportive attitudes throughout.