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Launching our new Cloud based DDMS-InterPay solution!

This cloud solution is a secure, user friendly and speedy solution. Allowing businesses to greatly benefit from the advantages of deploying Bacs payment schemes; making credit payments or collecting Direct Debit with little limitation.

Rather than simply achieving compliance to Bacs standards when writing our software, we have gone the extra step, ensuring the solution carries out functions to simplify the user’s workload. This is done by allowing, where possible, automation whilst at the same time, providing the user ample options for manual selections.

What is DDMS-InterPay Cloud Solution?

What features define this Cloud solution?

  • Securely upload, validate, approve, submit & manage payments through the cloud solution
  • Can be accessed from anywhere at any time with internet connection
  • Accessible from multiple devices simultaneously from different locations
  • Able to receive AURRUDS, ADDACS, AWACS, AUDDIS reports and action them to ensure real time accuracy is recorded
  • Built-in Modulus checking facility validating type of bank account and details of account
  • Easy access to such extensive information (at one click) as volume and amount paid, amounts outstanding, amounts indemnified and failed transactions etc.
  • Reduced upfront costs & operational overheads
  • Double up as a contingency package – for those looking to secure their server-based solution.

To celebrate this major event we are offering all existing clients the opportunity to preview the solution on a test version. Our Bacs accredited professional team is here to support you every step of the way and will guide you through the new integrated package so you can really understand the benefits it will have for your company.

This solution is suited to organisations of any size and complexity as it is highly scalable expanding with your business needs. If you want the flexibility, control and visibility to effectively manage your payments & collections then look no further than Interbacs for cloud-based software.

How do I get it?

Speak to one of our sales consultants today by calling 08444 127 180 or emailing, and they will figure out what you need to get set up and tailor a package to your budget and requirements.