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InterPay Web

Have you ever wanted to quickly check your payment files while out and about but never been able to as you only have access from office computers? Have you ever needed to upload a critical collection file whilst working from home or on annual leave? There’s a huge list of issues frustrating people who can only access Direct Debit and Direct Credit files when in their office. So if you’re out of the office and want to quickly and securely check your payment and collections files, well now you can thanks to the latest piece of cloud software from Interbacs – InterPay Web.

InterPay Web is our latest cloud based payment service that allows you to do the same functions as what you would be able to do on the server based software, however, this software allows the user to access payment information anywhere in the world using just your Internet browser.

Cloud software security

Our rigorously tested software means your files can be viewed and uploaded from wherever you are, without the security risk. The software is fully compliant with all PCI and Bacs regulations and our in house developers work tirelessly to ensure the software aids you as the user in the most effective way.

In regards to the SHA-2 updates released in 2016 the software was fully tested and configured so that when the changes came into effect, the transition was seamless. SHA-2 is an update on how files are sent from the software off to Bacs meaning the signal is now stronger and more secure. Our team had plenty of time in order to prepare for this so all our existing clients were updated and kept informed of what was going on.

The sign up can be quick and seamless as our Manchester Bacs trained team are always on hand to help if there are any issues. Even better is that this software comes with a lifetime guarantee so you don’t have to worry about the software moving into an End-Of-Life. The software receives regular updates so again there’s no need for you to worry about security risks. This ensures that our clients are always operating on the latest system and will always be compliant with industry standards such as SHA-2.

Interbacs have developed the bespoke software so that it adapts to suit your business and its needs. We pride ourselves on working relationships with our clients and this is why we tailor the software so they aren’t paying for added extras they don’t need.

Learn more

If you think InterPay Web could benefit your business or would like more information about our cloud software then speak to one of our sales consultants today by calling 0161 667 0758 or email us at and they will figure out what you need to get set up and tailor a package to your budget and requirements. Or if you prefer take a look at what we have to offer in our InterPay Series page.