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Safeguarding our customers

Occasionally, when an issue does occur, we can implement several of our resources to ensure money is protected.

Before being able to offer Direct Debit services, we have to go through a strict underwriting process by BACS. After onboarding, we closely monitor the business’ collection performance to ensure all payments are collected as meant to be and compliant with all scheme rules and regulatory guidelines.

Direct Debit guarantee

The Direct Debit Guarantee protects the customer on the rare occasion that there is an issue with the Direct Debit. For instance, if a payment is the wrong amount, or collected on the wrong date, the Direct Debit Guarantee allows moneys to be retrieved and fully reimbursed.

If there any changes to the amount, date, or frequency of the Direct Debit the customer will be notified in advance. Furthermore, when a new Direct Debit is set up, the customer will be made aware of the arrangement through an advanced notice.

If an error is made in the payment of the Direct Debit, the bank will honour the Direct Debit guarantee, giving a full and immediate refund. This is called an indemnity claim.

Direct Debits can be cancelled at any time simply by contacting the bank, or contacting the business responsible for the set up of the payment. Written confirmation may be required, but an email works just as well.


At Interbacs, we have implemented several systems to ensure that our clients customers money is protected. If deemed necessary, an account can be blocked by instructions from the direct debit payer account holder. Or, if the individual is vulnerable, their Power of Attorney can make sure their account cannot be set up for any new Direct Debits under their card details.

The Customer should always try to resolve any issue with the business themselves first. If the customer does not succeed in this effort, we can assist the payer in blocking any future Direct Debits that are managed through Interbacs.

Our team personally investigates any suspicious activity from our clients. We ensure that all payments made are done in a rightful and appropriate way. We issue advanced notice letters to our client’s customers to ensure that they know that they have been set up for a Direct Debit through Interbacs.

Our guarantee

When taking a direct debit facility with Interbacs your organisation can be assured your customers are in safe hands. As a Leading Bacs Approved Bureau, we will manage your customers payments with expertise and care.

We have been operating within the Payment Processing Industry for over a decade, meaning that we have been trusted to manage funds for organisations across the UK. We have developed lasting relationships with many businesses, allowing us to grow alongside.

Contact us

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