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What we can learn from the recent cyber attacks

The NHS is the latest company to fall victim to another cyber attack, so here at Interbacs we are releasing this article to offer tips on how you and your company can reduce the risk of being next in line for a vicious attack!

Although these recommendations won’t prevent an attack, they are there as a guideline for all companies that process payments.

Smart Card and Reader

You should never leave your smart card connected to your reader and immediately after you are done, checking, approving and submitting your files you should lock your card away.

Always Lock your screen

Locking your screen just adds that extra layer of security, especially if you have left your smart card and reader on your desk.

Password security

Interbacs solutions require you to have a relatively secure password anyway, however we always recommend that you change your passwords regularly and try not to use generic company users where numerous people all share a login and password.

Anti-virus software

Ensure that every computer that is used to access the payment solution is up to date with the latest in defensive software. Interbacs advise that you should run a full virus scan of the machine before any payment submission is made or payment reports containing sensitive data is opened.

All these points are just recommendations that we here at Interbacs suggest you should do in order to reduce the risk of you and your company falling victim to a cyber-attack.

However if you have any questions about the points above then please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or speak to one of our customer service team by calling 08444 127 180 or emailing:, and they will figure out what you need to get set up and tailor a package to your budget and requirements.