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What is a Facilities Management provider?

Could your start-up or small business benefit from processing Direct Debit transactions? If so, you may already know how tricky it can be to achieve Direct Debit status from your bank, particularly if your business is a small entity and hasn’t been trading for long. Even if you can’t fulfil all the criteria needed to obtain a Service User Number (SUN), all is not lost. A Direct Debit Facilities Management provider can facilitate Direct Debits for you.

What is Direct Debit facilities management?

Direct Debit Facilities Management is when a Facilities Management (FM) provider manages the collection and administration of Direct Debits on behalf of another business. Often this is the case for smaller organisations that are unable, for whatever reason, to obtain their own SUN from their bank. The SUN is the unique six-digit number used to identify Bacs service users who collect payments by Direct Debit.

What is a Direct Debit facilities management provider?

Facilities Management providers essentially take care of the administration and collection of Direct Debits for another business (known as the Facilities Management client). All FM providers have to be accredited by Bacs.

What are the benefits of Direct Debit facilities management?

Enlisting the support of a recognised Direct Debit Facilities Management provider allows your business to take Direct Debit payments from your customers. The benefits are several-fold. Your FM provider takes full responsibility for your Direct Debit payments. If you are in the process of acquiring a SUN or simply would prefer someone else to take on the administrative heavy-lifting for you, then this is ideal. Usefully, your business name will appear on customer statements – enhancing trust and credibility amongst your customers.

Direct Debit facilities management from Interbacs

Our Facilities Management service gives you full access to the benefits of Direct Debits. With Interbacs by your side, you can carry out Direct Debit transactions without needing the sponsorship of your bank or indeed the administrative and financial burden of managing Bacs payments in-house. Our experienced processing team handles all your administration and monitoring processes, efficiently capturing cancellations and amendments enabling you to boost customer satisfaction and ultimately grow your business.

Why should I choose Interbacs?

Interbacs was established by Bacs software developing experts. With a team boasting more than 30 years of combined industry experience in Bacs and business payment software delivery, we deliver the highest quality results in payment and collection solutions. Our friendly, professional and efficient processing team is always on hand to answer your phone calls and provide service and support with a smile.

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