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What is a Bacs Service User Number (SUN)

A Bacs Service User Number (SUN) is a unique identifier allocated to trusted businesses to make payments using Bacs approved software. Bacs uses SUN numbers to distinguish between organisations that collect Direct Debit payments. This six-digit number, which is given to your business by your sponsoring bank, features on all your communications. It is a useful reference point in the rare event of a mistaken or fraudulent payment.

How do you get a SUN number?

Businesses wishing to apply for a Bacs Service User Number must first gain sponsorship from their bank or building society. Every bank has its own criteria to adhere to but you must have a UK bank account and complete an indemnity with your sponsoring payment service provider. Your business will also be judged on its financial reserves, contractual capacity and standards of management.

It’s worth bearing in mind that your Bacs Service User Number can be withdrawn if Bacs deems your conduct falls below their high standards. Bacs closely monitors the performance of Direct Debit providers. Should they receive a large number of complaints from your customers through the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme, they may withdraw your SUN number and revoke your right to provide Direct Debit services.

Do I need a Service User Number?

Not necessarily. For smaller businesses that have been established for fewer than three years, have an annual turnover of less than £1 million and process minimal BACS payments, the cost and complexity of obtaining your own SUN number might not be worth it. It may not even be available to you full stop. Whether you’re a large organisation with an existing SUN number or a smaller entity that can’t secure a Service User Number, Interbacs has a solution for you.

Direct Debit solutions from Interbacs

Interbacs’ Bacs Approved Bureau services are designed for companies that already have a Bacs Service User Number but would rather shift the administrative headache and cost of processing payment instructions away from their accounts team and onto an outsourced resource. As your chosen Bacs Bureau, Interbacs takes care of everything. We can reduce your internal processing, saving you time and money.

Offered to selected businesses, our Direct Debit Facilities Management service enables smaller businesses, start-ups and sole traders to collect Direct Debit payments without the need for sponsorship from a bank or building society. The administration and monitoring process is completely managed by Interbacs’ experienced processing team, providing your SME business with the vital support of a professionally qualified Bacs team.

Save time and money with reliable, professional, and innovative payment solutions and services from Interbacs. For more information about any of our products or services, please contact us on 08444 127 180.