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The Interbacs Team and Direct Debits

Our team has been working alongside growing businesses for over a decade, we have had the privilege to develop our alliances with these companies and create beneficial symbiotic relationships.

A few members of our team have recently received glowing reports, for example take this quote from renowned publisher, Haymarket:

“Our project is on-going, however, our experience with Adele at Interbacs has been a positive one. She is always available and extremely knowledgeable and made the complicated nature of the DD process easier to grasp. Thank you Adele!” Suki de Silva – Haymarket

With our team of growing experts, we have found that we have been able to offer bespoke solutions in far more dynamic ways. Furthermore, as our team has grown, so have our products.

When working with businesses, we alleviate admin pressures through offering bespoke automated solutions. Admin time can be greatly reduced by using a Direct Debit Management System, allowing your payments to automatically be collected from customers at regular intervals. In doing this, you can ensure that customers remain loyal, as long as you are providing a good service. Furthermore, using direct debits will give your business greater pricing flexibility, enabling you to broaden your demographic, allowing your business to collect from a wider range of customers.

According to recent research by Sage, UK small businesses spend an average of 120 hours a week on admin tasks, because some firms do not have decent protocol in place for back office tasks. The study reveals that, if that time were used productively, an extra £33.9 billion could be added to the British GDP each year.

“The innovative, reliable service from Interbacs has been a great boost to both our collections and productivity. The user-friendly online functionality and flexibility of the Interbacs team has meant more time can be focused on achieving positive results. We can now resolve Direct debit issues immediately on the phone to the customer” Graham Weir – Hassle Free Boilers

With Interbacs, you would be saving your business a great deal of time and money through ensuring your payment processes are automated, we can offer a bespoke solution that would allow you to start focussing elsewhere on your business.

Our services have become more necessary during the pandemic, as businesses need us to ensure that their incoming payments are reliable. Furthermore, our software solutions mean that a single individual can maintain control of their cashflow, where previously a hired team would be needed.

Using Direct Debits as a solution to make sure that your service can carry on functioning is the simplest way to make sure you stay afloat. One of the more common problems faced by small businesses is the failure of recurring payments. It’s estimated that roughly 5-10% of all recurring payments fail every month. With us, we can alleviate most of the issues surrounding recurring payments failing. Our dedicated team will work on your behalf to ensure your payments run smooth.

Our team

We have been very lucky with the team that we have amassed. With development and technology at the forefront of our focus, we let the innovation and drive of our development team be creative with the bespoke functions our software can offer. If any questions arise about our technology, any member of our team will be on hand at the end of a telephone call. We pride ourselves on friendly customer service and a knowledgeable team that can either guide you through a process, or guide you to somebody who can.

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