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The benefits of using AUDDIS Direct Debit instructions

What is AUDDIS?

AUDDIS stands for Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service and is operated by Bacs. An AUDDIS Direct Debit solution enables organisations to send Direct Debit Instructions to their customers’ banks through a payment service provider (PSP). That provider will hopefully be Interbacs!

It has significant benefits over its predecessor. Direct Debits are the most common means for a company to collect payments from customers. The original paper-based Direct Debit system was the most popular payment collection method until the late 90s, when service users could electronically submit DDI’s.

Its older form, a paper mandate, was a lengthy process that made businesses wait for payments to be cleared. This method involved the manual process of having the mandate taken to the bank and then to Bacs. This process has many variables which make it risky, as the mandate could be lost or found to be incorrect.

Nowadays, businesses can submit files electronically to Bacs. Removing risk from the procedure and streamlining the Payment Process to a few clicks, rather than a hand-delivered letter. We can offer software that is beneficial to your time and wallet.

How can an AUDDIS direct debit solution help your business?

  • AUDDIS direct debit solutions deliver a range of benefits to customers, service users and banks. It is the preferred method to deliver payments, as it makes processing Direct Debit Instructions faster, cheaper and more streamlined.
  • Reduces paperwork across the business. Helping your company lower its carbon footprint.
  • Allows easy identification of invalid accounts, as well as unpaid Direct Debits. Making reconciliation of issues faster and easier.
  • Reduces set up costs per individual instruction. You will not be paying postage costs to migrate payment information; you can then pass these savings onto your customer.
  • Streamlines overall processing, boosting productivity and allowing your business to focus on growth in other areas.
  • Speeds up the time between a bank receiving and accepting a Direct Debit Instruction. This means you will get your money quicker.

What payment solutions do Interbacs offer?

Is your business still enduring the lengthy process of paper mandates? Interbacs Direct Debit Sign up Portal, and DDMS Solutions offer a more streamlined process of digitally managing payment files. AUDDIS automates the transfer of Direct Debit Instructions (DDI) between your organisation and the bank. Meaning that we can handle your data migration to take your payments in the quickest, most efficient way.

AUDDIS Direct Debit Instructions (DDI) used to be sent to the bank manually, having to make sure that the instruction is delivered safely and in a timely fashion without having to cover postage costs. With Interbacs Software, you can send Direct Debit Instructions from your office, home or on the move.

Benefits to your business

So now you understand how Interbacs’ AUDDIS Direct Debit Instruction solutions work, what are the benefits to your business? Below are just some of the key advantages of using Interbacs’ solutions to streamline the management of your digital payments.

Streamlines DDI processing. Reduces potential for errors, improving the quality of your service. Removes the need for handwritten mandates. Removes set-up costs for DDI’s, such as postage. Reduces the risk of processing delays, resulting in a better service.

AUDDIS reports and reason codes

Understanding where new AUDDIS Direct Debit Instructions have been rejected by BACS or the bank is essential to the Service User. AUDDIS reports are available and will typically include details such as the SUN, record type, date of collection, Bacs reference, account names and the Payer’s account number, sort code and reason code. AUDDIS reason codes ultimately detail why AUDDIS direct debit instructions have been rejected. They include the following:

  • F - Invalid account type

  • 2 - Payer deceased

  • C - Account transferred

  • B - Account Closed

  • 5 - No Account

  • 6 - No instruction

  • 1 - Instruction cancelled by the payer

  • H - Instruction has expired

  • I - Payer reference is not unique

  • L - Incorrect payer’s Account Details

  • K - Instruction cancelled by paying bank

  • G - Bank will not accept Direct Debits on account

How we can help

With over 25 years of experience in Direct Debit Management, Interbacs is one of the UK’s learning Direct Debit Companies. For more information on AUDDIS Direct Debit Instructions or general advice on how to streamline your Direct Debit Collections and payment processes, speak to one of our consultants today.

Email us at or call one of our friendly staff on 0161 667 0758 to see what solution we can tailor for your business; our Software Solutions will be designed bespoke to your business. So that we can cater to your specific needs, have a chat with one of our experts: