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In the Spotlight — Pinnacle Payroll

In this months ‘In the spotlight’ article, we spoke to Adam Jones, Operations Manager at Pinnacle Payroll, who have been a customer of Interbacs since the start of 2015 and currently use our Bacs approved InterPay software.

As part of their overall group offering, Pinnacle Payroll provides an outsourced payroll service for companies looking to remove the burden of operating their own internal payroll. Qualified staff and licensing can be an expense that a new business may not be able to afford; similarly for an established business looking to reduce their operating costs, an outsourced solution provides the perfect answer. In an emotive market, having a dedicated point of contact allows a trusting relationship to develop. All Pinnacle clients are assigned a specific member of their qualified team to be on hand to answer any questions or queries and provide any help required.

I asked Adam about his role at Pinnacle. “Working with our team, my role is mainly compliance focused. Ensuring we react to all legislative changes, keeping our clients up to date with essential payroll developments such as the introduction of RTI and acting as our HMRC liaison to keep our finger on the payroll pulse are the key aspects of my job.”

Pinnacle have been a customer of Interbacs since January and use our robust InterPay software. InterPay is a Bacs Approved software which deals with all credit and debit submission needs. It also has built in functions to download all your Bacs reports and display them in meaningful formats for the user to action.

“We recently moved from a direct competitor and the transition has been seamless. Interbacs has slotted directly into our current internal processes and instantly added value.”

I asked Adam what helped Pinnacle make the decision to use InterPay as their Bacs software, he said, “In line with our company values, we look to work with providers who mirror our approach to creating effective working relationships”.

“After meeting with Caesar Hao He (Interbacs Sales Director) we felt Interbacs would be an ideal fit for our business as well as the system providing all the functions we required.

“The software is very simple to use and has integrated in to our processes with no lengthy disruption or additional development required. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Interbacs to other businesses, the team at Interbacs are great and the system does exactly what is required.”

Interbacs are very pleased to be able to offer our robust InterPay software to Pinnacle and support their Bacs and Direct Debit payment management requirements. We look forward to many more years of prosperous commercial relationship with the ever growing Pinnacle Payroll!

For more information on our Bacs and Direct Debit payment solutions, click here. Alternatively, contact us via email on or call us on 08444 127 180.