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Finding the right Bacs approved software for your business

At Interbacs, we have been a Bacs approved software supplier since 2013 and are one of 16 providers in the UK. Our software helps to empower countless small businesses, helping them to develop, evolve and succeed. There are so many benefits to having your payment processing managed independently by Interbacs. Continue reading to find out more and find the right Bacs approved software for your business.

Benefits of Interbacs Bacs software

Our Bacs approved software has helped so many people and businesses over the past nine years because of its many benefits. Each client has benefitted from our exceptional service, while the software handling their payment processing has made life easier.

Here are the many benefits and features of our Bacs software:

  • Secure payments — Our Bacs software makes it easier than ever to send payment files to Bacs securely and efficiently.
  • Cash flow — Our Bacs software will improve your cash flow with the ability to fully automate your Direct Debit collections.
  • Save time — The process of automating your Direct Debit collections not only saves money but also time, allowing for more hours to be spent on core business processes.
  • Payment visibility — Interbacs Bacs software gives you full visibility over all your payments, with an instant and transparent overview of transfers.
  • Greater accuracy — Our software eliminates human error and manual intervention, with one centralised platform that automates critical business processes.
  • Take control — Interbacs puts you in control of the whole payment process, automating processes and creating easy-to-understand reports.
  • Centralised document control — Our software can communicate directly with your clients via email or letter.
  • Built-in identity checking — InterPass makes checking the identity of potential customers easier and quicker. When inputting payment details, we can verify the payee’s account name and inform you if the details you’ve used are a full match, a near match, or are incorrect.

How soon can you access our Bacs software?

If you decide to sign up with Interbacs to take advantage of our exceptional Bacs approved software, you’ll be up and running in no time. From the point of purchase to installation, Interbacs’ experienced team of payment solutions experts can set up your Bacs system within a matter of days. All of our software comes with a lifetime guarantee, which means we will always be available to provide support and guidance whenever you need us.

At Interbacs, we offer a winning blend of expertise, fantastic service and transparent pricing to help make your Direct Debit processes as streamlined as possible.

Bacs Approved Bureau at Interbacs

Did you know that we also provide a Bacs Approved Bureau Service at Interbacs? The services we offer are designed for companies that already have a Service User Number (SUN) but want to limit the administrative hassle of processing payment instructions.

For software users this also functions as a back-up to your systems for disaster recovery purposes. This means if you’re unable to process your payments using your in-house systems for any reason, you can trigger our contingency service to make sure there are no interruptions.

As your chosen Bacs Bureau, we can reduce your internal processing, helping you save money and time, which allows you to focus more of your energy on core business activities.

Our Bacs Bureau Service makes it easy for businesses to manage payments, meaning you’ll no longer have to worry about managing a large payments team.

Here are the benefits of Interbacs’ Bacs Approved Bureau Services:

  • Instant access — Funds clear directly into your account and we provide optional Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service (ADDACS) and Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debits Service (ARUDD) processing.
  • Documentation design — Our service enables you to create professional looking Direct Debit instructions and mandatory letters.
  • Dedicated support — You’ll be supported by your own dedicated Bacs Bureau account manager and Bacs trained processing team.
  • Company database — Our Bacs Bureau Service empowers your business with its own company database and DDMS processing software.
  • Compliance guarantee — Interbacs makes sure your website and Direct Debit documents conform to Bacs rules.
  • Custom website — Interbacs can build a securely-hosted, Bacs-compliant website including online sign-up pages and account validation pages.

Why choose Interbacs

We believe that the software and service we provide at Interbacs trumps anything else available. Other services can charge extortionate fees at just half the service Interbacs can provide.If you like the sound of the Bacs Approved Software Interbacs can offer you, contact us today on 0161 667 0758 or email us at