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Empowering small businesses through defining cash-flow

A great deal of the UK’s workers are labourers, who have found it increasingly difficult to tip-toe around new laws inhibiting work and social-distancing measures.

Furthermore, these jobs are often cash in hand, creating greater risks for the customer and the worker. For example, a window-cleaner will often have to collect funds in a physical format, which increases their likelihood of contracting Covid-19.

We can offer services which remove the risk of collecting funds from clients, collecting them electronically on your behalf. With Interbacs’ Facilities Management service, we could ensure that your clients get debited a fee, monthly. All you would have to do is carry on working, safe in the knowledge that your cash-flow is secured and will not falter.

We have been partnering with small businesses for over ten years now, meaning that we have had the prestigious opportunity to grow alongside small businesses. Our services allow for businesses to reduce the stress of securing a cashflow, allowing them to focus on other areas of their business. Our clients spend less time chasing after funds, and more time providing a service to its customers.

Our services have become more necessary during the pandemic, as businesses need us to ensure that their incoming payments are reliable. Furthermore, our software solutions mean that a single individual can maintain control of their cashflow, where previously a hired team would be needed.

Using Direct Debits as a solution to make sure that your service can carry on functioning is the most simple way to make sure you stay afloat.

One of the more common problems faced by small businesses is the failure of recurring payments. It’s estimated that roughly 5-10% of all recurring payments fail every month.

There can be a few reasons for this. Bank cards can expire without account holders realising or be cancelled at the bank’s discretion. There can also be occasions when reoccurring payments fail due to glitches in electronic banking.

This creates a poor membership experience. What we can offer, is a direct and reliable way for your members and customers to pay for your services.

Have a look at our services, or get into contact with one of our sales team at 0161 667 0758.